In the lavender garden


Thoughts. Chaos.

My dear reader, These are thoughts that I wrote down to myself…that perhaps you’ll be reading to yourself sometime… Thoughts. Chaos. I hear that I don’t hear myself… And thoughts are running away From the[…]

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Studies on…YOU

Day 30. Today I feel a little accomplishment. I had the courage to create this challenge and, with a bit of a beginner clumsiness, we managed together to talk about so many important ideas. These[…]

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Studies on…TIME

Day 29. The first month of the spring flew away so quickly…March brought us days full of colours which made me wake up, sometimes, and ask myself : “ Where is the time running?” This[…]

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Studies on…DEATH

Day 28. I was afraid to talk to you, in such a beautiful day, about death. I hope you receive me today and one more time you give me your trust. I am getting the[…]

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Studies on…LIFE

Day 27. Sunday brings us sun and light, some of us celebrating today the Easter, the re-birth of the nature and life. I am taking advantage of it so I can talk to you about…life.[…]

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Studies on…THE SOUL

Day 26. There are so few days left from this month and so many things to “study”. My dear reader, today will you receive me in your afternoon? My soul tells me to talk about[…]

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Studies on…SELF-LOVE

Day 25. Today is a rainy Friday, which sends us all under a blanket, with a book and a cup of tea. It finds me with a pen and a paper, hidden under my bear-blanket,[…]

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Studies on…KNOWLEDGE

Day 24. We are starting off the last week of short studies, moments when we have learnt one from another, we opened ourselves towards the truth, we put down, perhaps, heavy luggage that was hanging[…]

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Studies on…HATE

Day 23. I found a spark of inspiration late today and while gathering my thoughts, I managed to put them down on a paper just now. It’s late afternoon, I have heard that the rain[…]

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Studies on…POETRY

Day 22. Today I am writing for you a little study about poetry, the beautiful art where the soul speaks with enigmatic metaphors. Let’s have a coffee together remembering about the most dear lyrics we[…]

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Studies on…BODY

Day 21. Today I will write you a short study about the body, the place where your soul lives. Monday becomes lighter when we quiet our minds and thank our bodies for helping us to[…]

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Studies on…SOULMATES

Day 20. I am waiting for you today here, to enjoy a Sunday latte together, spoiled by a touch of aromatic caramel. I smell the beginning of the spring and I am thinking about my[…]



Studies on…KINDNESS

Day 19. This Saturday I would like to talk to you about kindness. We are meeting today to talk about something new, something GOOD. “Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind[…]

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Studies on…PASSIONS

Day 18. While I was struggling yesterday with a long session of Vinyasa yoga, I realised I wanted to talk to you today about PASSIONS. What better moment can we have to energise our day[…]

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Studies on…TRUST

Day 17. This morning we will continue with our discussion related to people and their feelings. I would like you to imagine a little story. A young maestro was working for some days on his[…]

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Day 16. How did you like the discussion about forgiveness? I was thinking that after those core beliefs regarding the purity of forgiveness, would be good to have our coffee today appreciating our friends. Friendship[…]

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Day 15. As we talked yesterday about love, today I would like us to open our hearts and think about the power to forgive. Let us have a coffee together, in the name of our[…]

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Studies on…LOVE

Day 14. I would like to spend the first day of this week thinking about LOVE. I woke up early today to offer you few words about this wonderful feeling which is the base of[…]

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Studies on…JEALOUSY

Day 13. Today I am writing a letter for you which I hope would become a little bandage for your heart. A study on JEALOUSY. Because today is Sunday, I would like we become a[…]

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Studies on…FAILURE

Day 12. Here, it is raining and the clouds are heavily hanging over the city. It was hard to make myself courage to open the notebook and write. Because it is human to have a[…]

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Studies on…DREAMS

Day 11. I was running away feeling my legs heavy and an uncontrollable pain which was numbing all the cells of my body…my mind was going crazy and my body was shouting to my soul[…]



Studies on…BAD DAYS

Day 10. Although today I wanted to talk to you about love, yesterday brought me so much agitation and so many delays in whatever I wanted to undertake. And that was how all my zen[…]

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Day 9. Today, 7 am woke me up with such a desire for spirituality…Now I am here…Now I am not…Life becomes a chain of moments and unique seconds that decide whether or not we go[…]

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Studies on…WOMAN

Day 8. “Woman is the radiance of God. She is not a creature, she is the creator.” Rumi Today while still sleepy, I am enjoying the sunrays that are coming sprightly into my house. My[…]

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Studies on…BEAUTY

Day 7. “The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart” Rumi I wish that the first day of the week becomes for you, dear reader, better, more beautiful. Let’s talk about beauty today.[…]

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Studies on…the TRUTH

Day 6. I will start today’s discussion with honesty…The comfort of such a peaceful day kind of inhibited my zeal and, although I knew what I want to talk about this morning, the ideas were[…]

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Studies on…DESIRES

Day 5. Slowly, we are stretching up our minds, after a week of talking about so many beautiful things. I would like that our coffee time today is about desires, because I simply adore the[…]

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Studies on…HAPPINESS

Day 4. I am already feeling the smell of weekend relaxation. Friday has become a saint day, the moment when we live the joy of having free time to do the things we love, to[…]

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Studies on…DARKNESS

Day 3. The sunlight seems to delay its rise on the window and my sleep is getting heavier and heavier during the early hours of the morning… I am listening to the pigeons giggling on[…]

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Studies on…LIGHT

Day 2. Today I would dare to talk to you about light…I was reading, by chance, few days back, a thought that Nichita Stănescu ( famous and bright Romanian poet and essayist). In his “Physiology[…]

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Studies on…the HUMAN BEING

Day 1. We start the 30-days marathon of thoughts, falling on the papers in front of my eyes. My first challenge together with you.  We will sit down together every morning, talking our and loud[…]

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Merry Christmas!

Beautiful reader, A warm smile, a ray of Sun, a calm thought, a Holy Month, the month of Christmas. It has just come. With its fruits and teachings, it is about time to stop for[…]

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Chapter 12. The way to the lavender garden

Chapter 12. The way to the lavender garden The sunrise was shining on his face, the face of a kind man, a man that was so good to not judge the life, but learn from[…]

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Chapter 11. The eleventh minute(Part two)

Chapter 11. The eleventh minute(Part two) […] I felt unknown rhythms of breathing around me. Trying to open my eyes, I was fighting against my eyelids that wanted to remain closed. A cold, firm hand[…]

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Chapter 11. The eleventh minute(Part one)

Chapter 11. The eleventh minute(Part one) I remember even today the feeling of deep fear I felt when those criminals were putting our lives at stake, our freedom to speak out, to decide. The whole[…]

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Chapter 10. The man with a scar (Part two)

Chapter 10. The man with a scar (Part two) […] I was trying to control my breath so I could understand the message from Oliver. “Hello, Oliver, it’s Sof. What did they do to you?[…]

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Chapter 10. The man with a scar (Part one)

Chapter 10. The man with a scar (Part one) The picture of that day was about us, about the new in our relationship, about a heart made of my fingers full of emotion, on the[…]

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Chapter 9. Light into the darkness

Chapter 9. Light into the darkness I went back to the office to clear my mind up. I was feeling weaker and weaker. What a dark day, I remember. Seeing the clouds so close to the sea made me feel[…]

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Chapter 8. The day of powerlessness (Part two)

Chapter 8. The day of powerlessness (Part two)   […]I called him early in the morning just to make sure he was available, before starting sailing towards Africa. I tried several times but, as expected,[…]

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Chapter 8. The day of powerlessness(Part one)

Chapter 8. The day of powerlessness(Part one)   I went back to the office in the middle of that night. I knew that I was about to find a hint that would lead me to the root of the situation.[…]

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Chapter 7. The turmoil (Part two)

Chapter 7. The turmoil (Part two)   […] I was scared. I knew that I always sat away from the power circles and the hidden games. I had my moral principles deep into my education[…]

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2015-10-08 14.06.35

Chapter 7. The turmoil(Part one)

Chapter 7. The turmoil(Part one)   The news about the nomination made by that Institute of Journalism in London gave me a feeling of joy and motivation. That night I remember I had wonderful moments feeling[…]

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When I dance

The dance is the love meeting between body and music, starting with a swinging game and liberating the radiant energy. A musical note is enough to fire the motion of our bodies and our minds.[…]

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2015-09-30 21.56.55

Chapter 6. You are everything (Part two)

Chapter 6. You are everything (Part two) After my morning ritual, I thought about creating a small gift for his return back home: a book with daily photos of thoughts that were coming to my life. Yes, everyday I wanted to[…]

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Chapter 6. You are everything(Part One)

Chapter 6. You are everything(Part One)   Everything was burnt. Such a heavy smoke was blocking me from seeing what was happening around me. I could distinguish the old palm tree in front of my house. It seemed a[…]

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Chapter 5. Cala Incognito con amor

Chapter 5. Cala Incognito con amor It seemed that Oliver entered the house a bit too early which made me again being…the delayed one. I knew I had twenty minutes to get ready and hanging[…]

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“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.” By Rumi Beautiful reader, You woke up all of a sudden. You are a big man. Full of dreams , but hopeless. You lay[…]

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When you miss someone

Dear beautiful reader,   Today the clouds outside sent me back, under the blanket from my mom, the bear blanket how I use to call it. I’ve realised that it was nor the rain that[…]

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Chapter 4. La Vela. Torn roads

Chapter 4. La Vela. Torn roads It was the end of June and we both woke up with the feeling of such a trivial day being unable to figure out where that emotion was coming[…]

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My dad’s hands

When I was little, I used to spend my summer holidays with mom and dad. They were not my parents, but my mother’s parents. My dad is a carpenter. My mom is good. He has seven[…]

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Chapter 3. About him. Mine

Chapter 3. About him. Mine   The lavender garden is disguised today in a fresh and soft rain. My life partner, Oliver Prates. The one that cuddles my skin with his kisses every morning. We[…]

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make autumn

For Autumn

Beautiful reader,   Yes, I do see the brownish leaves. It smells like autumn outside. Breath, love! Yes, I do start to get nervous knowing that the summer is almost over, that the Sun is[…]

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Chapter 2. Sofia Sal

Chapter 2. Sofia Sal I was looking around while caressing in the rays of the sun like a lazy and spoiled feline. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sofia Sal, often Sof. Plain and[…]

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Chapter 1. In the lavender garden

Chapter 1. In the lavender garden   I kissed him on his shoulder instead of words. That morning the sky was giving to the burning July Sun an invisible curtain. I got up quietly and[…]

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