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little inspi

Beautiful reader,

Every dilemma has a solution.

Every tough moment becomes a lessons if we manage to stop resisting it. Only when we allow ourselves to be carried away by that strange, impatient wave, we start growing. We become stronger. Fearless. Just like Sofia Sal.

We will collect on this page called “Little inspirations” thoughts send by our passionate contributors, part of Hortus Casia, meant to sweeten the cloudy times.

I want us to share life lessons, principles, opinions, humor. I want us to get to know each other as friends, here, in the lavender garden. Let’s laugh, cry, confess our love, forgive and be forgiven, contemplate our dearest.

The little stories shall bring you questions and confusion. Meditate for a couple of minutes when you recognise yourself in any of those thoughts. I promise you are going to see small and coloured differences in yourself. YES, in the ones around you as well.

Let’s embrace the new perspectives and cheer a glass of aged wine for the new challenge of discovering oneself, without any masks. For you, my reader!

With love,



Thoughts. Chaos.

My dear reader, These are thoughts that I wrote down to myself…that perhaps you’ll be reading to yourself sometime… Thoughts. Chaos. I hear that I don’t hear myself… And thoughts are running away From the[…]


Merry Christmas!

Beautiful reader, A warm smile, a ray of Sun, a calm thought, a Holy Month, the month of Christmas. It has just come. With its fruits and teachings, it is about time to stop for[…]


When I dance

The dance is the love meeting between body and music, starting with a swinging game and liberating the radiant energy. A musical note is enough to fire the motion of our bodies and our minds.[…]



“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.” By Rumi Beautiful reader, You woke up all of a sudden. You are a big man. Full of dreams , but hopeless. You lay[…]


When you miss someone

Dear beautiful reader,   Today the clouds outside sent me back, under the blanket from my mom, the bear blanket how I use to call it. I’ve realised that it was nor the rain that[…]


My dad’s hands

When I was little, I used to spend my summer holidays with mom and dad. They were not my parents, but my mother’s parents. My dad is a carpenter. My mom is good. He has seven[…]

make autumn

For Autumn

Beautiful reader,   Yes, I do see the brownish leaves. It smells like autumn outside. Breath, love! Yes, I do start to get nervous knowing that the summer is almost over, that the Sun is[…]

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