Studies on…YOU


Day 30.

Today I feel a little accomplishment. I had the courage to create this challenge and, with a bit of a beginner clumsiness, we managed together to talk about so many important ideas. These mornings, sometimes afternoons, have become moments of reflection, minutes during which, talking to you made me discover myself, discover truths I did not see before.

My biggest wish was to bring a bit of value to such a simple, yet complex, thing. Transposing thoughts and personal struggles on paper, thinking that perhaps those writings might help someone find some answers for one’s own struggles and questions.

Today I am writing you a letter of gratitude and appreciation, and I do not see another way of closing this March.

You are a beautiful human being, as I told you from the first study…a study on the human being. A person with feelings and capacity to experience sensations which no one can invalidate. Because you live them, you feel them. We walked around roads with key words, lingering in the darkness to find the light. Love. Forgiveness. You are an infinite force, a powerful soul which lives withing your beautiful body. You home, as we called it, which I hope we cleaned it of fears and deceptions.

You are a free man, free to transform your life the way you dream, free to choose your experiences and allow yourself to listen to your intuition. Free to open or cut down your wings. Free to laugh at the bitter moments of life and be grateful for every step crossed over in your transformation.

You are brave, because you chose to come to this life, to fight for your ideals, to love and forgive. You are brave, because until now you managed to overcome problems, you got up again, with tears still on your face and you moved on. You changed, you adapted yourself, you found yourself. And now you are here, knowing the endless power residing in your soul.

You are love, and this life harmonizes in love and kindness. On genuine musical notes, the shine in each of us comes to light when we let our heart be free, to love, to you love you. We stole from “I don’t have time” everyday and gathered together on Hortus Casia to laugh, to cry, to be curious. We asked questions and sometimes we even found answers.

I am a human, with dreams and desires to leave something of value behind. Today I have this coffee for you.

I ask you one thing only, my dear reader, do something of value today, no matter how small. Can be a smile to your colleague. Ask your friends to do the same. Let us create together a magical day, spontaneously.

See you soon.

with Love and Joy,

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