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Day 29.

The first month of the spring flew away so quickly…March brought us days full of colours which made me wake up, sometimes, and ask myself : “ Where is the time running?” This last before the last morning that we wake up together to discuss different subject, I would like to talk to you about time.

This time I will start over with few questions we have maybe no answer for. Not yet. And it is OK to have no answer to them.

What does time mean, actually?

Who is measuring time and…why?

Why sometimes the time flies and other times the hours move too slowly?

How much time do we really have?

The time is not just a river that is endlessly flowing, because that river does stop at one point and it pours its waters into the sea…which is limited by space. The time is that invisible law we are living by…We measure our life in years, months, days, minutes, but the true time is just now, within this fraction of instant when your body breaths in and out. The time is for me… the sky. You can describe its colours when you look at it and at the same time you know those reflections spring from other sources, and time becomes that boundlessness of the universe. If the time would be simply time…why would it run in a way here, in our lives, and in a another way there, in the universe? It is so mutable itself, which makes me believe that it is the personal perception that defines what time is.

We always say “I don’t have time” or “Today is such a long day” when all we want to express is that our perception over time is changing at the same pace with our…feelings. It flows fast when we are happy and slow when we are waiting for something with anxiety…The time is subjective and years for one can represent instant moments for another one. And time is indeed infinite, but not for this one life we are living now.

Have we ever wondered how would it be if time did not exist? What if we did not measure it? What if each of us would search for its own time…of equilibrium? The intuition tells me we would end up by completing each others rhythms because we all function based on similar natural cycles…And how good it would feel to not run desperately for not being 5 minutes late, because no one would be counting the academic quarter. And so, the responsibility of respecting the other one would transpose us into an attitude of natural organization. Perhaps that was the way our civilization ended up by quantifying the time the way we measure it today.

No, we do not have all the time in the world. We owe this moment and nothing more. And we must take care of it, of this time of now, to make it beautiful because this will become the relief of the past and the pillar of our future. Only the present moment.

The time passes and so do our problems. Is it a coincidence only?

What are you doing with your time, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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