Studies on…DEATH


Day 28.

I was afraid to talk to you, in such a beautiful day, about death. I hope you receive me today and one more time you give me your trust. I am getting the courage to study this side of life, its temporary ending.

Death represents the end of a chapter, a real aspect of life which sometimes comes in too early, but always without any doubt. We all try to run away from it, it scares us to see the fatality of this imperfect creation. We feel how if we die, physically, we stop existing, but I have a more optimistic voice that is whispering into my ear that after we pass away, we live freely and choose another experience that would teach us something even stronger than the previous one. No, death does not come with any scythe or hood covering its face bones. Death is a transition process towards another body. It makes us cry, those left behind it, because we lose a dear soul. But tears wont ever bring that body back…

I get sad when I hear about people dying because I realise how many dreams stopped living…All the dreams that the person held inside got blocked on their way and abandoned. The only ones left were memories and pain…I am weak because although I understand that death is just a bridge that a soul chooses to cross, overcoming the physical dissolution of a dear one is hard. And then I am thinking how they enjoy the warm sunshine, smiling at the fresh coffee aroma, on a new veranda. Perhaps more beautiful. And I allow that longing to call them into my dream, to kiss me on my forehead and tell me “I am good again. It does not hurt any longer”. How much I miss them..And I keep their memory in a pocket of my heart and I go back and open it when tears come unexpectedly. And I am grateful I received them in my life, even if just for a while…

Death does not have to scare us. It is normal, nothing is permanent and life within this theater scene does not make an exception. Let us get free from the fear of death so we can live life in a fantastic way. Because life is a such a special gift. And death is just like the horizon that unifies the sea and the sky…that perfect line visible to the eye but invisible to the infinity.

I am sometimes wondering if we are not too worried about the physical death and do not realise how many living people have already died inside. People that forgot to smile at life, that forgot to offer a warm hand and game of kids. Don’t they die spiritually, actually , earlier that the physical disintegration?

Be brave and live your life beautifully, you will be too busy to fear that temporary physical finality.

No questions today, only thoughts. Thank you for giving me the courage to talk about sensitive topics.

See you tomorrow,

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