Studies on…LIFE


Day 27.

Sunday brings us sun and light, some of us celebrating today the Easter, the re-birth of the nature and life. I am taking advantage of it so I can talk to you about…life. And while you are smiling at the sun, think about the way you see life and its beauty.

Life is an experience that our soul chooses to live. We feel it when the heart pumps blood into the veins, we feel it when the loved one kisses your lips, we feel it when it numbs your body, you feel it when you hug lovingly your family. You feel it when it’s over. LIFE. SO MANY THINGS AND, STILL, SO SIMPLE. Yes, life would be simple if we were to keep only few values…love, kindness, passion, forgiveness…And if all these values become the foundation, we will end up living such a simple life with so much place for enjoying it fully.

Do you know what I have learnt about life? I have learnt that life happens NOW…Not in the past, not in the future. Life from the past is a memory, not life itself any longer, and the life from the future is a pure projection of our own desires. Life exists only within this moment, within you. And still, how many of us do feel the real LIFE? How many of us truly live and create life instead of waiting for life to happen to them? How many of us stopped for a moment while reading this to breath life? How many did breath in this liberating energy that is created when we acknowledge that we only live…NOW. Only through this instant we write the pages of one of the many novels our soul lived…

Life is not about how long you lived but about how you lived. Not about living forever, but making this life (among many others you lived and shall live) count…Life for me is about how much I loved and gave. I learnt from trees…from a seed of life they become tall protectors of the Earth, giving their life for our life…food, air to breath, home.

Life is God’s most amazing realisation. We should be grateful for and present in every moment. Because this gift of life is offered to us again and again, with every new breath we take. We receive one more shot to live. Which is one more chance to make things happen the way we want, enjoying the trip like pirates in the infinite ocean.

I am grateful to God for giving me this life, for giving me one more day to enjoy the eyes of my sweetheart, the voice of my parents laughing, the tricks with sister and her little one, the beautiful friends and all the dear ones I have been blessed with. Yes, today the sun stared at my window.

Wake up and live. Life is waiting for you to put aside the blanket of fears.

What does life mean to you, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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