Studies on…THE SOUL


Day 26.

There are so few days left from this month and so many things to “study”. My dear reader, today will you receive me in your afternoon? My soul tells me to talk about it…It wants us to hear it, to sit down curious, listening to its voice. So I’ll let it talk today.

I am, perhaps, one of the few things left…undefined. Where I come from, what I am doing here in your body, where I go, nobody can understand. No, I do not want you depict me in metaphors to describe what cannot be seen. You feel me, because I am you. Yes, your body is my house. I mean, yours. You are the SOUL. You are ME. You are a soul, an infinite energy which sets you into the movement. Where do you come from? From the greatest soul, which wanted to experience the physical life and so it took sparks from itself, living billions of experiences and feelings. Maybe it is searching the true purpose. Or maybe it understands that life is just an experience and the curiosity makes it come into so many shapes and forms, conditions and passions.

It is getting confusing, but still, I personally get a feeling of truth. Perhaps my soul knows the best. All I can offer is the promise that I will always create a clean house for it, with love and listening to it. I will close my eyes in the evening and ask it to talk without talking. For me, the soul is music and light. It is what loves and wants to be loved, embraced. Without any shapes and limitations, the soul is infinite.

I love the souls full of life which are allowed to be expressed and conquer us with a genuine wildness.

Do you listen to your soul when it stays quiet, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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