Studies on…KNOWLEDGE


Day 24.

We are starting off the last week of short studies, moments when we have learnt one from another, we opened ourselves towards the truth, we put down, perhaps, heavy luggage that was hanging on our shoulders.

Today I provoke you to a discussion on one of the most beautiful topics for me, KNOWLEDGE. So let’s take a break from this Friday and travel into the world of secretes…of knowledge itself.

For me, KNOWLEDGE is the brave and curious way to the truth. I say brave, because sometimes it is easier to ignore its existence rather than discovering its deep waters, waters that can find us surprise, hurt, controversial. Searching for knowledge is just as if you had the permanent desire to understand…to understand how everything that creates your reality works, to understand WHY it works.

I would say that the mechanism of achieving knowledge implies at least one of these three big ways. Writing your thoughts endlessly, continuous reading of whatever piece of writing you catch, trying to create, followed by failure, followed by stubbornness to try again. Knowledge is the pillar of our evolution. When one writes, it liberates the loud voice of its own mind and so, cleans away the dust that covers the mind’s eye, allowing the knowledge to enter from within…One invites it with shyness and then transposes it on a paper as a sign of gratitude…Epiphany. When one reads, it lives the experiences of other people, collecting fragments of knowledge which another hand had written. Education. When one grabs in his hands the projects, mastering it as an artist does her art, one plays with ideas touches it, feels how knowledge appears gracefully as a sillouette and feeds it little by little, building up to maturity. Passion. But one always ask “but…why?”. Because everything is relative…even Knowledge.

Let us be thirsty for knowledge, for “why?”-s, because only this will wake us up to our true potential. We are capable of reaching those sources so easily, we must just maintain the curiosity of our inner child even when the outer adult is kicking us off with its life boredom.

Are you keeping your inner child curiosity alive, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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