Studies on…HATE


Day 23.

I found a spark of inspiration late today and while gathering my thoughts, I managed to put them down on a paper just now. It’s late afternoon, I have heard that the rain drops are falling over the trees and dreams, so join me for a cup of tea to open our souls and let go of all the hate this world is locking in.

Today we talk about hate. And before running away from this thought, I ask you to stay for a while, and listen to my few words…Hate is the mental fight against fears. We hate when we spot with our foggy mind eye that there is a threatening item in front of us. Hate is springing from the fear of not being sufficiently good, sufficiently capable of maintaining the connection we have with the world around us. For example, a woman might feel she hates when the picture in front of her eyes is disturbed by another woman, perceived as more attractive, more beautiful, and when the husband establishes any little connection with that woman, she will discover her soul intoxicated by the seed of hate, Because she would feel threatened. Threatened that the connection between her and her husband is not strong enough to persist. Threatened that she is not sufficiently attractive, smart, beautiful to maintain that bondage. And so all the symptoms of hate occur. Fights, lack of trust, instability, frustration. Harm. A harmful tendency that has nothing to do with anyone else, but OURSELVES. Hate gives us a mirror where we can see our deep fears.

Hate is a condition of the vision we have about us. I am talking to you about HATE because within this society we live in is about to turn into a complete catastrophe. We get afraid of everyone and everything because we feel that our faith of being totally secure is threatened, because we grew up being told that this is the only way to live if we put the power in the hands of some leaders who talk few and hide more. Everything at the cost of our lives and our children’s lives.

And I know that EVERYTIME we feel scared, we start hating, we hate the ones that threaten, in this case in extremis, the continuity of a beautiful life. The same way they hate us, because they feel threatened they lose their power so they pass it to another picture, a macabre one. But I would say that if we turn back hate, we create chaos, we create wars. And that is the idea of everything. And all this because we were born with the deeply implanted concept of “WE DON’T HAVE THE POWER”, so let’s hate, as we are not sufficiently good, us all, 7 billions of pairs of eyes and a nature full of powerful animals. THE POWER IS INSIDE US AND ONLY THERE! So let us turn to our true essence, to complete love, a collective love. Only with a unity spirit and love. We are one.

A little thought, out of topic perhaps. WE put the blame on the terrorism with bombs and direct victims. But how many of us are actually blaming actively and vividly the other tens of types of terrorism? We terrorize the nature, steal the forests, destroying mountains for gold, slaughtering animals in masses, constant traffic of children and women, no support to our old wise people who live miserable lives because of the power being granted to incompetent people. How many of us do look at those?

Do you think that if us all, the entire world, would gather together and share the light of love for few minutes, at the same time, bringing our hands together, would be bring the true light into this manipulated world? I have goosebumps that tell me we would…

Have you discovered your fears, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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