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Day 21.

Today I will write you a short study about the body, the place where your soul lives. Monday becomes lighter when we quiet our minds and thank our bodies for helping us to fulfill our purpose.

The body is the temple where we choose to live our life, The body is the physical expression of the manifestation of our desire to live. It incorporates the health, which is the palpable gift of life, the one without which we would not live. We would just exist.

The body is the center of manifestation of the sensations that a soul experiences, our body is the one which help us to further create life…This thought is profound.

The body is treated as something that must be constantly IMPROVED UPON. Slimmer, more toned, accentuated lips, shinning hair, perfect smile. Since childhood, we get our minds filled in with standards of beauty which are meant to imbalance ourselves, to empty our souls of self-esteem and self-love. We lose ourselves in diets and tiring fights against our own self, against our OWN HOME. We become our enemies, entering a spiral which has no visible exit. The skin starts loosening, some wrinkles start smiling at the corner of the eye, and so we turn into beasts, facing the perfect bodies running on all screens. We run after the falsehood that is sold to us.

Your body is beautiful, the way it is. Without any big words. It is BEAUTIFUL. Let us stop being the enemies of our own house, because we were the ones to choose it when we decided to come into this life. Let’s take care of it at every sunrise and every moon rise, let us caress it with love and gratitude because it allows us to live, to feel the love, to feel the touch of our sweethearts, the touch of the sun rays and the hug of the ocean waves, to laugh, to cry, to fall on our knees and get up on the soles which anchor us in this beautiful life.

We must take care of and respect our body, to treat it as something unique. Let us accept all the aspects of this physical world, from the perfect harmony in which the body works following yet unknown nature’s laws, to the acceptance of the true face of sexuality which connects minds and souls. Let’s start refusing to buy any longer differences between what one body is allowed to do and one not, let’s become natural in our intimate home, without judgement and inhibitions. And when we think we must do sport, eat healthier, because we must match some image on Internet, we catch that thought by the tail and remember the only reason you definitely should do that is because you want your house to be clean, powerful, with a stunning light and warm.

Take care of your body and your health. Love and embrace your body. Because it is the one to support your everyday life. Do what aligns you with a feeling of well being and health and your body will thank you back.

Let’s read this study to all the children in our lives, so that the new generations grow up and learn to live in a more beautiful, natural, free way. For a world of integrity of all types of bodies and shapes, of souls and beauty.

And you, my beautiful reader, how do you take care of your body?

See you tomorrow,

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