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Day 20.

I am waiting for you today here, to enjoy a Sunday latte together, spoiled by a touch of aromatic caramel. I smell the beginning of the spring and I am thinking about my soulmates. And I do say “soulmates” because I have been blessed in this life with parents, a sister, a niece – soulmates, a gorgeous man – soulmate, beautiful friends – soulmates.

Today I miss them too much, so I invite you to talk about soulmates.

A soulmate is that person whose soul aligns with your soul, embracing each other’s shine and uniqueness. When you meet your soulmate, you feel the flame of friendship and love, bringing a distinct power of union and connection. You see one in the reflection of the other, you discover yourselves through the other. How much beauty life holds by offering us soulmates!

A soulmate is magical. It can be your very best friend, your mom, your dad, your sister who does not fall asleep until you wish each other goodnight. You soulmate can be the one who makes you feel the touch of love when kissing your lips, becoming one part of the other, becoming the balanced ONENESS which maintains and creates life. Having a soulmate does not mean at all not to argue, or have different points of view, or be all smiling and kissing ( take me and my sister as a target example, God only knows the arguments haha). Having a soulmate means always finding a way back to your connection, no matter what live brings in. It means laughing at reality and going on, stubborn, working for your relationship, evolving together to the next steps of spirituality.

Today I feel nostalgic, my family, most of my dear friends, my very best friend, my little wrinkled dog, my dear one, they are all physically away from me. But this caramel latte, while talking to beautiful people like you, makes my afternoon sunnier.

I wish we all realise how many soulmates we have, actually, in our lives. Let’s grab the phone and laugh together, life is fantastic.

What do you think, my beautiful reader, about soulmates?

See you tomorrow,

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2 thoughts on “Studies on…SOULMATES

  1. This little essay can wake up so beautiful thoughts that usually we don’t even realize. Taking things for granted make us forget about the loved ones or soulmates we do have in our life! It is fantastic to realize how the connectivity between soulmates work and the wellness that can outcome from such relation… balance is for sure the right to word to describe these relation but in some grace of paradigm also extremes can define the feelings and emotions created between soulmates! Extremes can attract balance, can take some time but eventually soulmates can achieve it and that is the moment when they realize they are soulmates I feel embraced by these words…

    1. I am touched by these words. Just as I felt about it, soulmates mean balance and love through contrasts and uniqueness of each of the partners. Because the extremes are just opposite sides of the same core, which is love. And that is what makes it beautiful! Lovely thoughts from a lovely man.

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