Studies on…KINDNESS


Day 19.

This Saturday I would like to talk to you about kindness. We are meeting today to talk about something new, something GOOD.

“Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. Mark Twain said it so well, offering us a moment of imbalance. Kindness is the bridge between us and God, the power that is a living part of unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude for all the beings, gratitude for life. In a world where the essential law of love is more and more ignored, we are becoming the product of people that hold a fake given power, people which, sadly, are sowing conflicts and steal lives. I cannot sit down quietly all these 30 days of studies without talking about KINDNESS.

I know, it is said the good people are stupid people. That they turn being take advantage of. But what do we understand by being KIND? To never say NO? To respect rules and limitations? To not disturb with too few comfortable truths? I do believe there is no connection between being A GOOD PERSON and being absent in your own power to inhabit yourself fully. Kindness means washing away the tears of a child and draw a smile on its genuine face. Kindness is accepting the core right to live that animals have (yes, they DO HAVE), and understanding your role as a Protector for this Earth. Kindness means hugging the branches of a tree while thanking it for the peace it gives to your heart restlessly, without asking for anything even when it turns into bare wood. Kindness means, for God’s sake, love for our mother-nature which offers us a home in its harmony. Kindness implies no limits, standards, material implication, expectations. Kindness does not distinguish between saving the life of a human or the life of a dolphin pushed away to the shore by the waves of a storm…

“I am good to you, if you are good to me” is such a game of ignorance. We should be kind because it feels so much better and it makes us so much more beautiful than hate and revenge. Because kindness is the original state of the humanity, it fully is our incipient state, when we meet the world for the first time, without knowing anything about hate, judgement, criticising, rejection.When only breathing is enough and feeling the loving arms of your parents is bringing you the whole paradise. We grow up and easily we distance ourselves from the truth…I would say we should get lost…Because being bad and experiencing different nuances of feelings means only what the Moon is to the Sun…a stage which brings us closer to the original truth, to kindness, to light. Let us not put the blame on ourselves, but live together with all the adjoining sides we owe, because that way we are going to realize that the only way for a state of harmony and safety is to be kind.

Kindness, together with love, are the only ways this world will change. Finding again these values, in their true symbolism, will mark a new limitless transformation. It is all in OUR POWER. And if you do not trust me, try to be just kind for a year, kind with everyone and everything. Life becomes mirrored in a new lake, clean and stable.

Love and kindness are the only ways to free up our wings. And so to help other free their wings too.

Today I do not ask you anything. I would like you feel my thoughts because they are a shout to so many tragedies that steal away beautiful people, without any right to reply back. All because we forget to be ourselves, to be kind…

See you tomorrow,

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