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Day 18.

While I was struggling yesterday with a long session of Vinyasa yoga, I realised I wanted to talk to you today about PASSIONS. What better moment can we have to energise our day with gratitude for our passions, other than our morning coffee?

Today I am helped by Rumi. He said once “Respond to any call that excites your spirit”. He made me think right away about passions, about the thirsty desires of the soul that should be granted a voice. The passion is the fire in your heart, what touches your senses and if allowed to be expressed, it will become what we are all searching for, happiness.

Sometimes it is hard to find it in all the hollows of the world’s tree, sometimes part of us receives a passion with the gift of life. Perhaps we cannot all transform a passion into a career, but they will always have the power to maintain a healthy mind. Because when you grab that brush, you paint your thoughts. And those colours on a paper will bring sparkle in the viewer’s eyes. Passions create expansion in our life, rejuvenating the soul and the body, and they get roots, they become liberating, a tree of joy.

I am inspired by people with passions, which dedicate time and imagination to that. They spread light and wisdom. Your passion does not have to be your true unique purpose, but things, activities that bring joy to you and others. Passions do not have to be restricted rigidly by the existence of being good enough, talented enough. Because all that a maestro offers to his piece of art is dedication, soul, freedom. And so all around it settles naturally.

I used to give up on my passions easily, without acknowledging what I was losing. It was easier. I have rediscovered that lost truth few time ago and allowed myself to be seduced again by the desires of my own soul. With more maturity, I have started to appreciate all the work I did and considered useless, impossible to be of any future purpose. I was wrong, so deeply wrong. And now I am using all those years to grow towards my dreams. Because one never knows the paths available in the future. And this garden of writing was my first step. Whether it is enjoyable or not, this is all at your judgement. Only you, dear readers. But if only one pair of eyes feels something kind and beautiful reading these lines, I take a bow, thank and promise I will continue with devotion.

Passions are the windows to a great joy and eternal youth.

What are your passions, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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