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Day 17.

This morning we will continue with our discussion related to people and their feelings. I would like you to imagine a little story.

A young maestro was working for some days on his wonderful vase. He was toiling day and night to create a harmonious piece of art that would bring joy to the one he was about to offer. During the last night, he took out of the clay oven the vase, caressing it as if it were the soft skin of a sweetheart. He was painting it carefully, blending threads of colour and feelings. In the morning, after a deep sleep, he got up and thought his vase was not so beautiful any longer. And so, pushed by the superficiality that defined his actual commitment to his art, he threw the vase on the floor , falling into tens of colourful pieces…the pieces of his work. The shout of his vase awoke him from a state of unconsciousness. Running back to his masterpiece, he tried to stick together all the pieces of his vase…But this could not be reunited. Now, the light was flowing through its cracks, shining wisdom over the maestro’s face.

Today I would love we talk about trust. Let us think for a moment about this feeling, the feeling of trust. Let us imagine a world where none us trusts anyone and anything. How would you walk down the streets of your city? How would you live along with the permanent feeling of fear? How would be able to make it through every new day doubting even your own shadow? You couldn’t. The panic would squeeze away your powers in few minutes. You would be vanished by your own mind. Do we now understand the importance of having trust? It is PRIMORDIAL in the evolution of this world.

Trust is the core stone of every relationship we have. Trust offers safety to the one next to us and maintaining it intact and complete makes the relation in and of itself survive. The vase is the trust, and we are the maestros. We build it up on solid grounds, it will fill our life with beauty. We build it up on moral doubts, we will quickly destroy it. And we will try to re-build that trust, but it will bear the reminiscence of the past delusions, the scars on the soul of our beloved ones. Because we will not only have to revive the certainty in the heart of the others, but take care of the shades left on a broken heart. Lies have no sense because the only one we lie to is ourselves. It means we have no courage to accept ourselves just the way we are and change anything that contradicts what feels right and good to us.

We sell images instead of realities, we cheat and cheat ourselves. Instead of loving others and loving ourselves. Let’s become sufficiently courageous to trust that the ones around us will care about our fears, that they will help us become better.

For me, trust is the thread that holds me next to people. I also betrayed trusts. But I did it consciously, assuming completely the upcoming loss, knowing that losing myself I will find my true one and that my place was no longer there. And yes, I did forgive when my trust was vanished, and I gave a new chance. Because I always thought that is the way to show the beautiful path to the one who, perhaps being lost like I was, threw our trust on the floor. I went and collected all the broken pieces and asked for one’s help to work together for re-building it, as I knew that the vase was broken by both of us, consciously or unconsciously. And I knew as well that if one chose to stay, the first step was already done, towards something more solid, more beautiful. And if one chose to leave, we would have gone further without the regret of not understanding a loved person, having the faith we would both be happy, on separated roads. I had maybe luck. I was loved. And love triumphed once again.

How do you take care of the trust people around you give you?

See you tomorrow,

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