Day 16.

How did you like the discussion about forgiveness? I was thinking that after those core beliefs regarding the purity of forgiveness, would be good to have our coffee today appreciating our friends.

Friendship is the reflexion of beauty in the souls around us. It is like a permanent bud which one must take care of, give love and respect so it will transform cloudy mornings into sunny moments using only a simple “How are you today?”. A grounded friendship requires, on top of everything else, acceptance. The acceptance of another human just the way it is, appreciating all the beautiful qualities residing within him. A grounded friendship asks for forgiveness. Because sometimes there are opposite visions and, in the end, we choose different paths to reach the same destination.

Friendship between humans becomes truly a friendship when all gets natural, when you are allowed to be yourself, with good and bad, when you can say “You did wrong” and all turns into a space of growth and…laughs. I call friendships those relationships that managed to grow towards what we call…family. My very first friends, and the best friends I have ever had and will have are my sister, my parents, my grandpas. Later on, my circle of saint friends was gifted with the little angel of my sister and with him, my wonder one. And of course, my dear dogs.

Friendship is one of the fundamental stones of life. It brings us in harmony and reflects all our hidden needs. Friends are next you, when you laugh, but especially when you cry, they sit there ready to hand you the glass of water to calm down. If you wish to analyse your spiritual evolution, watch the move whose main actor is you, the movie of the evolution of your friendships. You will understand that friends come and, sometimes, go, due to that evolution experienced on both fronts. And all you should do is to take care of those flower until they become part of your tree of experiences that brought you where you sit now.

Taking the risk of being seen as unrealistic, I am guided by the faith that friendship shall reside in any kind of relationship, with any kind of being. Because being human means searching for ways to become able to accept qualities and flaws, to not self-entitle above any kingdom, human or animal. When we realise that we are all the mirroring of the same source, that all we live are experiences, we would turn to each other and become friends. We would work together for dreams and wishes. We would understand each other and offer unconditional support towards a more spiritual world. More human. Without material difference that seed envy during the childhood, no mischief addressed to the ones working hard and clean for what they aim at, no split between sex, colours, religions, social or cultural development.

To all the ended friendships that brought beauty and joy, to all the friendships that have evolved towards my tree of experiences, to all the friendships I have been accepted and shown love and understanding, to all of you that offer me your friendship by receiving my writings. I am grateful to you.

Have you thanked your friends today, dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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