Day 15.

As we talked yesterday about love, today I would like us to open our hearts and think about the power to forgive. Let us have a coffee together, in the name of our hearts that have the strength to forgive.

I will be starting the little study with few words on religions. Within all this war between different religious ways, meant to more separate and disaggregate people than bringing them all together, there is a lesson that has fascinated me. The lesson of forgiveness. From Buddha to Jesus, these great people whose faces became the symbols of the world’s religions got significant for all the people thanks to their infinite power of forgiveness. And this shall be the only core lesson of so many religions separated without any good purpose. Forgiveness. Compassion. Kindness.

For me, learning this true lesson meant the moment of my transformation. Forgiving is nothing but hugging the one that did wrong to us and offering relief. It is the liberating force that resides within any being, the power to understand that none is perfect, none is to be judged. Through forgiveness, we manifest a higher understanding of what happens around us, we accept the difference between people that make this world so much more beautiful. We drop off the luggage of sadness and offer to our soul the magic of love. I forgive because I want myself happy, I want to be free from any hurting weight. The past is past and that is where it remains, all we can do is to sow a healthy present so that we ripe a harmonious future.

The power of forgiveness truly resides within strong people. The people who are searching for becoming better, more independent. Because they understand they cannot rely their happiness on the others. And then they forgive. They reach the infinite sources of compassion towards any being. Even towards the worst of the worst ones. Because they will always choose to remain pure, to not become the same as those that provoked suffering. Forgiveness is what gives wings to humanity.

I have learnt this lesson from my mom, who stayed straight in front of any mean people, turning back with kind words. I have learnt to forgive from animals, who forgive the humanity for all the warm it does.

Forgive and you will change the world.

And you, my dear reader, how did you learn to forgive?

See you tomorrow,

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