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Day 14.

I would like to spend the first day of this week thinking about LOVE. I woke up early today to offer you few words about this wonderful feeling which is the base of the world’s creation.

We end today the second week of morning pages. How do you feel? Personally, I have learned and discovered new values I had no idea I bear within me. I feel that all the worlds in this world are not sufficient to express what LOVE is.

There are so many ways of expressing love. Love for your family, love for a he or she that seduced your senses, love for the fearless waves of the sea waters, love for the eyes of your dog. Love can be felt towards anyone and anything. And from this free perspective, I consider love being the life itself. Love is the way towards your true self, towards the Universe and God. Love is the door to the soul of those around you, the power that can liberate you when its ultimate strength is achieved.

If any of you could give me any example of a feeling that makes you feel natural, beautiful, and does not imply love? To be able to love unconditionally and also to receive love. I would like you do not get sad, my reader. Perhaps I am talking to you about the magic of love, while you sit on the other side, completely broken by its absence. How much space do you dedicate to this feeling? Even when you feel no power to love, there is an infinite reservoir of love right in your heart, ready to receive a shape.

Love is not expressed only through ‘I love you’ written on the blue sky. ‘Are you fine?’, ‘Do you need anything for the house?”, “Have you eaten anything today?”, all the simple words prove a love rooted within the true essence of this feeling. There is love even when the one next to you chooses to stay there, caressing your shoulder.

For me, love permanently maintained the center of my life. At first, I did not understand it and I confused it with the need to belong to someone, with the need to be approved and appreciated. My love for my family has always been the unconditional love and care, without any limit. When I moved into the external perspective of relationships, I realised, later on, that I tended to pretend I love, trading feelings of joy and well-being at the expense of me receiving my doses of appreciation. All till I found him. We were searching for each during this life and we won. We have learned together to love, to appreciate our love, and commit to offer to our home warmth and support, a home that it is about us. Love is what makes us stronger, better.

No matter how hard it seems, love resides permanently around us, by the simple fact that we are still alive. By the simple fact that that little flower turned its perfume to you. Love is when the trees give life to their flower on a pink spring. We feel the importance of love when we lose it. And just like a toxic circle we turn mean, sad, blinded by pain. Open your soul and appreciate all the love around you. Be grateful and then learn to love yourself. And give love without any restriction because it will never decrease its value.

I wish you, my dear reader, a day full of love. I am today grateful for all the love I receive. And for the sunny Monday.

What does love mean to you?
See you tomorrow,

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