Studies on…DREAMS


Day 11.

I was running away feeling my legs heavy and an uncontrollable pain which was numbing all the cells of my body…my mind was going crazy and my body was shouting to my soul “Stop!”…I was trying to escape from that frightening shadow, while the roads of the city were confusing me, trying to surround me with the insurmountable fog.

The great cathedrals seemed to be covered in smoke and I was feeling how pain was flowing from my feet. My chest was overwhelmed by terror, and by the blood strongly pumped by my heart which could not understand me, whispering its fears. I lost the control, I was alone, in Rome, between the cubic stones of the streets, trying to move. Frozen in front of the fountain, my hands were begging like a thread from an old and humble sweater…I was calling the water with my quiet voice, feeling the shiver of the failure while the shade was getting close to my back, grabbing my spine and touching every single vertebra like a strong wind. I was numbed, asking for power to my own shade, asking for freedom. I was close to win that battle…

His had was cuddling my back, whispering into my ear:

– Calm down, it was a dream…


Have I stole you attention for a minute? Yes, let’s start the weekend with a discussion about dreams.

“What you are searching for is searching for you”… This is a tough of Rumi that inspired me to find my moonlight dreams bearing significance that only my soul’s dictionary knows. The dreams do no predict anything, they open the door to the secret dens of our thoughts. Dreams are a door towards ourselves. Let’s open it.

How do you, beautiful reader, feel about your dreams?

See you tomorrow,

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