Day 9.

Today, 7 am woke me up with such a desire for spirituality…Now I am here…Now I am not…Life becomes a chain of moments and unique seconds that decide whether or not we go further or stop right there…I am spending this morning with you, on a new saint day, having the coffee time that brings our souls closer and our minds far away from problems.

Why do I exist? Why did I inherited this body and my spirit chose to become, in this life, who I am? Every moment of meditation is a permanent trying to overcome the physical limitation and start knowing myself, where I come from and why I do…

I am living this life to create, to open the spring of my mind here and now, to manifest my true spirit. All this in order to fulfill my duty and offer love and kindness.

I sometimes lose myself in rigid situations, inhuman, I choose the path of the society which is against the freedom of spirit and human creativity and, consciously, I allow myself to be seduced by an ephemeral materialism.

I have started to educate myself, to educate my mind and to understand that it all comes from within the mind, my infinite and priceless resource. I realised that everything is created there, in the deepest places of the subconscious. I become aware that my energy attracts the energy of all circumstances, that the spiritual attracts wellbeing, attracts love and beautiful people, it brings in peace and the accomplishment of my dreams.

A calm water soothes the mind…when the mind becomes the calm water, I will reach the control over my own life. And so, I will touch the jewels, the power to forgive and understand the attitude of the ones around me, and so I stop criticising, judging.

If only we would offer every day few minutes for the internal peace, within all this daily rhythm…perhaps world would be a sunnier place. Your spirit should be the focus of your development., it hides so many wonders and secrets.

Do you, beautiful reader, make time for your spirituality?

See you tomorrow,

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