Studies on…WOMAN


Day 8.

“Woman is the radiance of God. She is not a creature, she is the creator.”


Today while still sleepy, I am enjoying the sunrays that are coming sprightly into my house. My home is caressed by a lot of flowers which remembers me that this day is dedicated to women…to mothers. With gratitude reigning over my warm bed, I pick up the phone and call my mom to thank her for being the best, my sister to fool around how from little girls we grew up women, my little lady to teach her how important she is in this world. I simply adore them.

I am still smiling at the thought of today being our day, all around the world, the Women’s Day. I would like to dedicate these moments spent together enjoying a cup of dark coffee, to all WOMEN. Let us bring a tribute to the being that gives life, to the creator.

A woman is the pure beauty, integrated within an infinite power, sweetened by endless kindness. A woman is feeling and emotion, she is the yin of life. The man protects her, and the woman is the one nurturing life, the one that soothes and gives power through her infinite ability to overcome any physical or emotional obstacle. The woman is our source, she is the mirror of God’s limitless love. She is Heaven and Earth.

Few of us might know that woman was attributed “a soul” late in the evolution of humanity. Some called it ignorance, I call it fear. The fear of an unhindered strength that resides within a woman’s heart. Because she put the weapons down and brings on the table kindness, cooperation. Forgiveness. One of the most unique power of any being…the power to forgive.

A woman is the one that instead of causing destruction, she sees the middle way and so brings happiness and…humanity. What can be compared, on Earth , with the unconditional commitment of a mother? What has more strength on Earth than the love of a mother that forgives without waiting for anything in return? That brings her child on the beautiful path, while giving up to her own needs and desires?

Women emanate natural sensuality, the calming comfort you need in rough times.

Today I would like to thank to the most beautiful woman on Earth, my mom. The one that dedicated her life to our family, the one that fought without any regret for the harmony and beauty of our home. The one that never complained when life hit her over and over again, but stayed straight and powerful, smiling at all the beauty around. My mom and my dad were the one offering me the warm home to give me wings and courage. And they made it. This is my mom. How I miss her cuddling my hair before the moon rises…

Write down a precious thought for all the women in your life. Caress your mom with a forehead kiss. Offer a loving touch to your sweetheart. Let us be grateful today for them, for the women in our lives.

Happy celebration for all the women in the world! You are precious! You are beautiful!

And you, dear reader, have you called the woman in your life and thanked her?

See you tomorrow,

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