Studies on…BEAUTY


Day 7.

“The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart”

I wish that the first day of the week becomes for you, dear reader, better, more beautiful. Let’s talk about beauty today. Go back for a moment to Rumi’s thought. I will leave it up there, at the beginning, cause it would have been sufficient to turn us inside out.

The coffee is still warm. I would love that till the end of these few minutes together to put aside the physical and take care of the beauty of our hearts.

I would like we strip off all the standards for a moment. We forget about any critiques against our bodies. Beauty is you. The way you are, the way you came here.

The beauty is the harmony of the universe when it catches shape. The beauty is only belonging to the soul. Love and kindness. It is, perhaps, the most relative concept so I am not going to discuss about the perfect measures of a beautiful body, the colour of the eyes or the brightness of the hair. I truly believe in the interior beauty and I am certain that when we harmonise with our thoughts and we offer appreciation to our soul we become beautiful. So beautiful that other beautiful souls sit next to us. And so we create an open universe full of energy and joy. And this is pushing it further to the external manifestation, towards taking care of our bodies as an extension of our souls.

I do cry sometimes when feeling ugly, not fitting to this world, with a too snub nose, or a too imperfect hair…And I do realise I should not be tough as a rock…Because when I look into the eyes of my mom, all I see is pure beauty. Because when I hug my father, I feel the infinite beauty of the one that thought me the lesson of ambition. Because when she, my sister, puts tears of logging on my face, I taste her beauty. And him, my perfect, my beautiful, the one that showed me I am beautiful. And everything receives the final meaning when the little being with blue eyes teaches us all the lesson of natural beauty, a beauty born from the unhindered kindness of a child.

Everytime we are mean to ourselves, considering us being ugly, let us look profoundly to a baby. How do you see it? He/she is magical, pure, flawless. The peace on Earth.You were there, why do you think you lost that somewhere on the way? The same way, let’s look at the beauty of a flower. It stays in its perfume that touches your senses, loves them and plays with them with pampering. It is not the colour of its petals that makes you like it, but the way it makes you feel. In the end, there is no beautiful or ugly flower, just preferences based on personal opinions. You are the flower that should become your preference.

The beauty resides within everything that surrounds us. Within the delicate spring, within smiles and cheeky looks, sweet words and loving touches. We should remember that we see our beauty in the ones next to us.

What do you think about beauty, dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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