Studies on…the TRUTH


Day 6.

I will start today’s discussion with honesty…The comfort of such a peaceful day kind of inhibited my zeal and, although I knew what I want to talk about this morning, the ideas were somewhere delayed by a deep need of being lazy… I am inviting you today to a cup of warm tea, to celebrate the first weekend of March, a moment of peace and joy. And now that I have been totally honest with you, I know you already realised that we are going to debate a little the prank-ish…TRUTH.

This time, we all know what the truth is. I guess we do share the same…definition. It is the real mirror, simple and naked from any bit of imagination of what happens, what we do, think, say. Discovering the truth represents the most fierce fight of the human being. As the great Umberto Eco said in its “The pendulum of Foucault”, “the truth is our Good God”. It is our center and that is the only reason why the lies are unbalancing us so easily. Because they invalidate one of the most outstanding human value…HONESTY. Why, in this case, are we avoiding the truth and sometimes, willingly, we choose to become the actors of the lies we absorb as reality?

It seems to me that we tend to be afraid of this weird truth. We lie when our reality unveils shamelessly aspects of ourselves we have not accepted yet. It is like a curtain drawn over the internal struggle between who we are in that very moment and who we want to be. We grab the truth in our hand and hide it very well (sometimes too well), just to seel the image we would like to see in the morning, in our mirror. And we hurt…we hurt the people that love and accept us, however we are, because they are next to us unconditionally. But we are afraid…we are afraid of losing our worth and the social validation when our thoughts and way of being do not match the society’s conditioning. We are afraid to accept we are not PERFECT:

We lie when we cheat, when we make futile promises, we lie when we say it is all fine and it is not. We hurt. And we should look for loving more, laughing more, ACCEPTING more. To accept ourselves and the REALITIES of those around us. Because there is not a truth, but TRUTHS. Let’s forgive ourselves for all the lies we said and forgive those that lied to us. Let’s hug them and whisper lovingly that they are perfect the way they are and everything has a solution. That’s how we open souls and become a better place. Let’s be kind to each other.

I will end this little study in a sincere note and confess I do hide the truth sometimes to steal the wide smile when doing a beautiful surprise, to steal away the physical pain of someone found at the end of his/her road, to sooth. But I do not play with the truth about who I really am. Because I am who I am, plain and simple.

Stay true to yourself, no matter what. There will always be a way.

What do you think the truth is, dear reader?

Have a beautiful Sunday evening.

See you tomorrow,

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