Studies on…DESIRES


Day 5.

Slowly, we are stretching up our minds, after a week of talking about so many beautiful things. I would like that our coffee time today is about desires, because I simply adore the people that have desires and go for them with commitment and joy. And which day would have been better to talk about the dreams of our souls than a wonderful Saturday, perhaps a bit cloudy, or luckily sunny, but with tones of light and happiness within our homes?

Desires are, for me, the endless fuel that we need reach the reason why we are here. They get born from our consciousness and guide us through till we meet the honest nature of ourselves. The one’s desires are, perhaps, the easiest proof of our subconscious needs we forget to feed.

The moment we have decided to come to this world represented the manifestation of our first desire…THE DESIRE TO LIVE. And we grew up, from a desire to what we are now, permanently driven by the wish to be alive. Along this beautiful path, we all started to accumulate colourful desires, sometimes contradictory, without understanding where they come from and what they really represent.

Some years ago, when the ability or inability to reach my own desires started to eat up my energy, I stopped. For a while, I chose to have one strong desire, the desire to discover the true message shown by my burning wishes occurring at the physical level of this world. Oh, dear reader, if you had any idea how many messages I discovered until I reached the true root! How much confusion and disintegration feelings! How amused they make me now looking back at my own existential lamentations. I needed lots of hours of yoga, of meditation, of failures, of sleep and quietness, till I discovered that every single desire I had nad that was provoking so much pain if fail was the end results, was betraying an enormous lack of self-trust and self-love. All my desires were born from the wrong source, the one of receiving the validation of those around me. And so, the journeys I was starting were becoming hell and energy drainers. There is much work to do, but at least, I’ve discovered…the rupture.

Desire have become to me the mirroring of my true homework…self-love. You’re probably asking yourself if I still have desires. Certainly, YES. I wish so many things in this life, but they have started to sprout from a source of balance. And so, reaching them does not change who I am, the same as failing at it does not cancel my self-worth.

Give it a try and discover your true desires.

Which are your desires, beautiful reader?

See you tomorrow,

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