Studies on…DARKNESS


Day 3.

The sunlight seems to delay its rise on the window and my sleep is getting heavier and heavier during the early hours of the morning… I am listening to the pigeons giggling on the window sill, enjoying the millet I leave for them on the cold days. I get up and gently move my feet…They carry me around everyday, without any complaint yet. I sit down again, next to you, do you receive me today as well? Yesterday, the talk we had on the light made me wonder about something else.

What would you think about…Darkness? What is, actually, the darkness? It scares us till we fall on our knees begging salvation from light. Maybe, in the end, genuinely speaking, we were never afraid of darkness until we were told it was bad; recall simply the childhood moments when we were threatened the monster of the darkness would come out and punish us. How naive! But if it was something bad, how comes that after nine months of leaving exclusively in our own darkness, it gave life to the light of God. The human being. Perhaps the darkness is the real source…

But then, how comes that the light of life closes its circles with…darkness? Perhaps, the darkness is the destination itself…

Let’s start an exercise. Call the darkness the absence of light. And me, I was thought that absence, of any kind, has a negative aspect. I am stepping forward. If darkness is an absence, then it is…NOTHING. A nothing that cannot be measured or quantified. “Which means it does not exist at all?” you’d question. No, it does exist, through the very absence of the positive, which is the light. It is a NOTHING that exists through the human perception.

Now, the patience is at stake. I have been told as well that, logically, something that exists and is limitless is called INFINITY. Yes, I do believe that the darkness is an infinity…because the source of life, which is the light, is infinite in and oF itself…

The entire human civilization has been built based on the dichotomy good-bad, light-darkness. Haven’t we been misled? Cause every judgement implies its relativity against one’s own perceptions, faiths, needs. The Sun is One, and the light and the darkness are just the eternal parts of the androgynous.

The clouds are often coming above my own vision and sometimes I wake up in the heavy darkness. And I learnt that everything is how it is meant to be, that the darkness is a way towards the light. I accept it, I welcome it after strong struggles, and I wrap it up in gratitude. And afterwards, the light will penetrate it and transform it in the magic of life. It serves me the way of returning to myself. It is part of my own intimacy, the place I wipe the dust away from the shelves full on envy, unjustified greed, lack of self-trust. And you know what the paradox is? That the darkness brings them out like a candle that powerfully lights up the late summer evenings. And then, the darkness becomes the light of my own problems and manifestations, so that afterwards I enjoy life. I enjoy.

Darkness is good. If it is internally understood, it will lead you to the greatness of life, to the mild sparkling light of unconditional love. Let’s stop being afraid…

Thank you for listening to me today.

How do you look at the darkness, beautiful reader?

See you tomorrow,

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