Studies on…the HUMAN BEING


Day 1.

We start the 30-days marathon of thoughts, falling on the papers in front of my eyes. My first challenge together with you.  We will sit down together every morning, talking our and loud about early thoughts.

And so, I start with you, with me. Creation of God, the one which holds the deepest mysteries of life, the MAN.

You’d say, laughing, that I am about to talk about two hands, two legs, two eyes, a smile and some power of rationing. A body. But have you ever thought about the nature that created your perfection? A perfect body, a harmony of connections that are functioning in an utter balance, serving you the tool you need to manifest your life.

Social animals, as Aristotle called us, the human being is a revolutionary tumult of wishes and desires, of dual feelings that dig into contemporary realities. Often, carrying his lost soul, the man sits in the center of this world. Yes, he quietly sat down, thousands of years ago, and self-entitled himself the superior of the kingdom.

And what if I told you, my reader, you thoughtful human, that he was all wrong? The thousands of years ago, we were all wrong. We have evolved from the nature, against nature, against what has created us. We grabbed animals and made them our clothes and started to feast on the nature, on what we considered as being GRANTED to us. We took over and over again, and we woke up sipping our morning coffees completely naked, painfully empty. Empty of dreams, empty of ourselves, empty of faith. Yes, I said we were all wrong. Cause it seems to me we are not the center of anything and anyone, just the center of our own soul. We are NOTHING within the vastness of this Universe, and still we are EVERYTHING within its entirety. Do you understand me? I mean, me, you, us, we do not matter and, at the same time, we are primordial for every single second of our existence.

Now we got confused.

Let’s say I wake up early and look in the mirror. I start arguing against the “too many” calories on my plate last night, on my a bit too boring job, on my already cooled coffee, on the clouds or their absence. On top of all, my hair doesn’t listen to my own version of relative beauty. Does it matter? I mean, I look around and question myself, thinking about all THIS UNIVERSE: do I matter? Well, probably not. I am a part equal to any othe piece of this great puzzle, not more or less important than a little fuzzy being called with our own ignorance, bugs.
Instantly, I think about this world, a little bit too mean, a little bit too covered in perfect pictures betrayed by wars, by people destroying people. Do you realise that? Oh, and we don’t even need guns cause we make use of our priceless weapons of massive perpetual distruction: words, lost thoughts, selfish decisions. And does it matter? Does it matter you feel too thin or too fat, too rich or too poor? Within this restless movement, do your so called issues REALLY matter?

I sit down, on the edge of my bed and experience a devolutionary feeling. All my being has been attacked by the idea that I might not matter. Lost in my bare look, I feel my breathing getting strapped by the resistance played by my mind. I thoughtfully observe my heart pumping blood and all my body is filled with life. I see the infinitum through that magical door towards my soul. My eyes. I realise God did choose me, created me, placed me next to you. With a purpose. The purpose of being HUMAN. My EGO becomes valueless, all those burning desire to get, to have, to be; they all fade away in front of this limitless world. Because every being, human or not, is the most important not because of how he or she looks, what they have in their studies backpack or on their resume. Each and one of us is the most important in the world. For the world. Through the ACTIONS taken towards every other piece of energy sitting next you. Have I lost you, perhaps?

You, me, the one next to you. A seashell, the look of a dog, a leaf flying down on the Earth’s bed, a wave in the secret waters of the ocean. We are all equal parts of this infinite stories.

And you, as human, you are no less than perfect right here and now. You were chosen as source of creation and dreams, a moving soul to giving to one-self, and so, to others, beauty in any way.

You, great human, have been chosen to become the stepping stone for the little ones that are coming along. Nothing has been granted to you or given to your control. Because the only thing you have ever fully owned is you, yourself. Only YOU.

Look now in the mirror of the Universe, your eyes. Have you found the truth? You are the MAN. You are everything you need for your purpose.

What is the human being for you, my dear reader?

See you tomorrow,

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