Merry Christmas!


Beautiful reader,

A warm smile, a ray of Sun, a calm thought, a Holy Month, the month of Christmas. It has just come. With its fruits and teachings, it is about time to stop for a moment and breath. Today is the Eve of the most sensitive feast, the feast of celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus, The One that brought light and wisdom. We celebrate the mild love and the forgiveness, the power of humanity and its kindness.

Me, I draw a line right here, today, and I smile. I look at the one-year-old paper and get amused by all the things I’ve managed to accomplish, at all the lines that remained just letters on a paper. I am grateful for evolving spiritually, for discovering that kind love towards the ones around me. But there is one more new step I’ve done this year…I learnt that when you say “I can’t any longer!”, you will find unknown resources that will exclude the “not”. I learnt that all starts from within. I learnt that those I chose to be close to me can give or take my wings. And still, it is all about me allowing to receive it. I learnt to offer without expecting anything in return, because life is already a great giving.

With the impish joy of a child, I am counting my blessings and I can’t reach an end, because I found out that I should thank for the rooftop above my head, for the clean water that I drink early in the morning. For the miracle of life. It seems that this year the winter holidays got another meaning, and I am planning to fill them with love and beautiful words, with energy and harmony.

For Christmas, I will put aside a couple of minutes and sit down alone, breathing. I will thank for a beautiful year, for the love I receive everyday, for the blessed family I have.

With lots of joy, I wish you the most beautiful winter celebration, finding the power to get over the hardest moments, and, what is the most important, to find joy and beauty in each and every moment. I wish you to receive what you desire.

Eu, de Crăciun, voi fura câteva minute și voi sta singură, respirând. Voi mulțumi pentru un an frumos, pentru iubirea de care am parte, pentru familia binecuvântată ce mi-a fost dată. And to remember to send a good thought to all the ones around you. Because in the end, we are all ONE. A unified and harmonious ONE.

And you, beautiful reader, how are you enjoying the Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

With love,


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