Chapter 10. The man with a scar (Part one)


wavesChapter 10. The man with a scar (Part one)

The picture of that day was about us, about the new in our relationship, about a heart made of my fingers full of emotion, on the tummy that was offering the harmonious house for our child.

I entered the house and I threw, as always, the keys on the little white table at the entrance, and when finding my face in the mirror, I got lost for a moment in the present time. Maria did scare me a little with the information she had and, thinking quietly, I realised I had chances to catch Oliver and talk to him.

I climbed up the stairs to my bedroom and, while feeling an unknown fragrance, I was wondering if our beloved lady that was taking care of the house came any time recently. Calm, I took Adhira, entered the room and laid down on the soft bed so we could rest for a while.

I heard some steps reaching the room and the moment I got up, a dark veil with a strong perfume covered my face, a veil of sleep and helplessness which stole my words and coherence, just like a tornado that erases everything behind, leaving a dead silence.

I woke up in a strange house. I was sitting on a chair, alone. The tall walls, with Jewish paintings were bringing me movies memories. Thousands of colours were playing beneath my eyes; I was in a saloon with mysterious archways and frightening chandeliers, all veiled in a heavy silence and frowsty air. An old wooden clock was counting down my seconds and vibrating my existence, recalling the fact that something happened, that I had been asleep for hours without knowing why.

I heard those steps again, deep and full of certainty, reaching the door in the corner of the wall where the clock was resting, and the feeling of the other one’s hand on the doorknob made my heart get frozen and, instinctively I placed my hands over my baby.

“Tu t’es réveillé. Bon, je te dire…”
“Excuse me, I don’t understand you.” He was talking to me in such a weird French, and the dizziness had taken me all the focus.

“OK, I will speak slowly. Follow me. Oliver interfered with a delicate matter which annoyed my boss a little bit. And you know…when the boss is angry, I must make the boss happy. Oliver was not enough, so I confused you with breaking into your office, and you sold us the best possible. Yes, Misses…Sal, you realised very well that the invitation was missing. And the police guy annoyed you. You see, he is my friend, he got a beautiful vacation as motivation. Yes, how to say, Oliver is special. You will talk to him in a couple of minutes. Now you tell me.”

I could not believe, I just wanted to protect my child, but I was facing a cruel man, with a scar in the corner of the eye till the collarbone that was making me feel scared. His hands were ready to kill and only praying was helping me keep my calm on the surface, the thought that I should have been strong and with my mind clear so I could get out of the drama.

“Tell me, how could we make my boss happy. Maybe we offer him a finger, an ear, maybe the last words of your…husband?! How do we do? I am listening.”

He offered me a smile that was cutting down any shade of courage and safety. I wanted God to help me, the fear of losing my life, or Oliver’s life was getting me paralysed.
“Please, I do not understand you very well. Is Oliver fine? I cannot offer you anything…just to talk to him…”
“Perfect, yes, he is fine by now, tightened up not free as you find yourself. We found him when he took a break in the North of Tunisia. Unfortunately, that little old man that was with him protected him endlessly and…we had to send him away, to the angels. Flu, flu, to the clouds. What an image, poor Oliver. He will have to carry on such a responsibility. But yes, let’s make my boss happy. Talk to Oliver, let’s see if he is happy to hear you, my love…”

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