Chapter 9. Light into the darkness


wavesChapter 9. Light into the darkness

I went back to the office to clear my mind up. I was feeling weaker and weaker. What a dark day, I remember. Seeing the clouds so close to the sea made me feel like there was a battle already started somewhere, far away from my consciousness, and I was living its heavy and sluggish presence just like carrying on my frightened white arms a breathless corpse.

I was laying down on the floor, right beneath my desk, among the piles of a foolish non-sense mess, fooled by my own insanity. What the hell did Oliver provoke? How could I have reached him and talk about it all?
“Hello, Sof. How are you doing? We just came to help. Let’s solve this issue and start over our activity. There are so many things to catch up with and our readers are waiting.”
“You did come, didn’t you? Thank you so much, Juan, Teresa….I am a bit messed up. Yes, let’s do the cleaning and go back to work, the police will solve the issues.”
“Sofia, keep calm, do you have any news about it? What about that awards ceremony in London? There is few weeks left. Oliver will come back soon, everything will go back to normal, right?”
“That’s right, Juan. Everything will get back on track. Maybe I got too worried. I feel a bit dizzy, would you give me some water? I am thirsty…”

I felt how that corpse just fell all over me, I couldn’t feel my legs, or arms and while trying to ask for them to catch me, a strong deafening sound made me detach from the real time, for a couple of moments.

I was hearing all kinds of voices around me. Trying to get up, I felt myself deeply weakened, everything spinning around in a carousel of memories and images that I was trying to map just as a kids puzzle. A cold hand took my fingers.

“Hi, Sof, I am here. Teresa. Don’t worry, everything is fine now. You are very weakened, but you are fine. Do you hear me?”
“Teresa, is this a hospital? Yes, I do feel weak…I think that all the events…”
“Sof, you must be joyful! You will soon be a mother, Sof, mother. You are both healthy, babe. The little being inside you must have eaten up your energy.”

I put my hand on my tummy and I felt the emotion of a love creation, I felt the life. I understood where my overstressed days were coming from. I was carrying the flower of life, which was making me stronger to protect it just like a painted icon on the bright blue sky. That unique feeling, the most pure moment when all life stops for a second and re-takes its course with a whole different purpose, the purpose of creating, growing, making the life on Earth beautiful for a new perfect human. Because the baby chose me and Oliver to become parents, his parents, because he trusted us to take care of him and guide him through the life.

“Teresa, I am speechless…Is the baby fine? Could you please give me some water? May I speak to any doctor? Ok, I must breath.”

Talking to her slowly, with such a natural calmness that was meant to protect the little being inside me, I was trying to understand it was all part of the reality. Such a pure happiness was circulating into my whole body, just like a magic river flowing and cleaning me of any sadness, or bad energy. I was thinking about Oliver, about how content he would be about the news, about making his wish come true. Becoming the mother of his babies.

I wanted him to be the first to find out, so I jovially refrained myself from picking up the phone and spread the word. I fell asleep peacefully, forgetting about anything that had happened before. I knew I was bearing the supreme creation of love and life. What a tight and restful sleep, how nostalgic those memories of my life turn me now, when reading back the pages till I reach the most uplifting emotion , the one I lived that day.

The next day I met my doctor that was about to become a savior of dreams and lives, and I discussed with him about everything. As Oliver, he was passionate about the sailing boats, telling me how much he wished for getting into that competition, but his career was not allowing him to have such long vacations…and if any, he was spending it with his wife and kids. His features were showing the light of a kind human, devoted to its supreme purpose of helping people around. The wrinkles on the corners of his eyes were talking about plenty of healthy babies born in his arms, about thousands of jokes and “yes”-es towards life. I felt lucky that feeling sick made me land as his patient so I could feel safe and secure with my baby.

Allowed to return back home under the promise of taking more care of me, I gave my word just like a devoted soldier while already thinking about Oliver and Maria, that was supposed to send me an e-mail.

I slowly put my clothes on, cuddling with care and love my tummy, bringing warmth and harmony around the little life inside me. I was about to become a mom.

After asking for a cab at the reception of the hospital, I grabbed my phone and started to read through the tens of e-mails so I could keep my head above the water. Maria had sent me an e-mail, so jumping into the taxi, I headed home, reading quietly:

“Sof, this is all I found.

Feroil, an Algerian company that handles oil and ferrous minerals extraction, famous for its exports in Spain, is the one that Oliver told you about. For years, the shareholders have been oscillating between keeping it on the market or shutting it down, as it was involved into several scenes involving underage employees. It’s all toxic, Sof, they were involved into a mining accident as well, where tens of exploited kids dies, and they managed to cover-up everything so they could maintain their market share. It’s about so much money in this game, I think Oliver was not aware of what he was doing. The headquarter is in Madrid, and the bankruptcy procedure has started. Too many lawyers and new speculations on new stories about Feroil. Mehdi Hamidou is the one holding the majority of the company, a guy with so many accusations, from money laundering to juvenile exploitation, Sof. He lives in Algeria, together with his family.

I got scared, Sof. I’ll meet you tonight, I got to run to work now. Let me know if any news.

Love you. Be strong.”

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