Chapter 8. The day of powerlessness (Part two)


wavesChapter 8. The day of powerlessness (Part two)


[…]I called him early in the morning just to make sure he was available, before starting sailing towards Africa. I tried several times but, as expected, there was no way I could catch him when I needed to. “Call me ASAP, my special one. It is important. I hope you are just fine.”

I put on my clothes and, on the way to the police station, I stopped by to catch the morning sun and take a picture for Oliver’s gift. That ritual was helping me count down the days until I would see him and feel his soft lips.
Deep inside, my intuition was telling me quietly that Javea was a calm town, with no such incidents, covered by a blanket of community safety and comfort. The sunlight reflected into the Mediterranean’s waters was changing the blue waves into the dark reflection of the rocks that were sleeping on the seabed. I was feeling the relaxing warmth on my cheeks, breathing the salty air into my lungs. My hearing was pampered by the sound of the waves hitting the seashore, which made me miss getting lost into the sea waters.
There was always a magic moment in every day, and thirsty for one moment only mine, I grabbed my swimsuit from the car and dressed it up under a big, warm towel. I remember I jumped into the clear sea, allowing my soul to breath once with the waves. My body was becoming one with the water, the ripples washing away worries and doubts.

With a calm mind I got out and while laying down on a rock, I was thinking about the reason why that someone was, probably, after Oliver.
I had to make up my mind. First things first: I had to find out which was the company smashed by Oliver’s activities and why that happened.

Back in the car, I changed quickly, with the discretion of a feline, and, heading towards the police I called Maria to get her help in finding any info about that event or the company.

„Good morning. Sofia Sal. Yesterday, the office of my company has been broken into. I am here to talk to the officers about that incident.”
„Good morning, Mrs Sal. One moment, please.”

I had to wait for few moments, analysing the room. Not too much fuss, the policemen were quite relaxed for a morning, enjoying the peace before the day ahead.

„This way, please. You are awaited for the meeting.”

„Good morning. Sofia Sal. Nice to meet you. I came to talk about what happened yesterday, on Calle Curruca. I might have caught a line of inquiry.”
“My pleasure, Mrs Sal. I am listening to you.”
“My partner, Oliver Prat, is now on a sailing competition. It has started 12 days ago.  Before leaving, he was apparently involved in the exit from the market of an oil company. A quite turbulent news in the industry, which brought a lot of appreciation for the anti-corruption attitude promoted by the investors, as well as…a wish for attacking back form the directors of that company. Last night I went back to my office, to search for any trace or hint. Everything seemed to be just fine, nothing stolen.
“ Exactly, Mrs Sal. Nothing stolen. Which means that, probably, it was a simple burglary. As the thieves did not find any money, they left without leaving any trace. The report is drawn up and filled as there is no other evidence.”
“The invitation to the sailing competition. It was in my pad, which was thrown on the floor. That invitation has disappeared. It included all the details about this competition, the full three-week schedule. It is possible…”
“Mrs Sal, I know you are nervous and worried. That paper might have got lost in your own house or office before. Why would some low-class thieves would steal it? We are not doing movies scenarios. It will be all fine.
“You don’t understand. That pad was always on my office desk. The invitation was, indeed, there. And it is not any longer. Oliver was part of a financial scandal that led to the bankruptcy of a company. Don’t you really see any vague connection? Any risk? I would like to ask you and your team to investigate this case further, especially the company and its situation.”
“Of course, Mrs Sal. We will do our best to leave no space to such open doubts. We will make sure the thieves are found.”
“Thank you. I would much appreciate your help in this matter. Yo are the only ones that can offer safety and security. Speak to you soon.”
“Speak to you soon, Mrs Sal. Thank you for the information.”

I left the police station feeling so angry at the ignorance shown by the officer. I knew that Oliver knew someone from inside the police in Javea, Gonzalo Martinez. I was to sceptical to let things undone.

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