Chapter 8. The day of powerlessness(Part one)


wavesChapter 8. The day of powerlessness(Part one)


I went back to the office in the middle of that night. I knew that I was about to find a hint that would lead me to the root of the situation. I also knew that if someone wanted to rob me, that person would steal any valuable object. Though, I was not even realising that valuable does not mean particularly money, but priceless information. Afraid of leaving Adhira alone, I took her and jumping on my Mehari, I drove to the office. I entered the door with a mental strength that was hard to find myself in before, integrating that feeling into every cell of my body. I was sure I had to fight for my own safety just like a lion that, although calm and wise, he sets its target and nothing can disconnect it from the pure intention.

I can recall all the things lying on the floor, giving me the feeling of chaos with every piece of work vanishing in instants of heavy and negative energy. I was searching for any detail, trying to intuitively re-shape the clear image of the office: every document back to its place, every magazine or notebook, contracts or documents folded backwards into my mind. Everything seemed so annoyingly right, and I knew I was too tired to spot little details.

I cleared my mind and told myself it was all a robbery. A typical bunch of thieves that ran away when realising there was indeed, no cash in that office.

I returned to the car and tears started to run over my cheeks, so salty and warm, colouring the sadness and disappointment my being was feeling. I felt weak. There was so much time left until Oliver’s return back home and the fear of being alone those days was frightening me.

Maria was calling me over and over again.

“Hello, Maria. Everything fine?
“I didn’t know anything about you. Are you fine?”
“My office was broken into last night. It seems that nothing has been stolen, they just vandalized the office, destroying the door and writing some messages about power. I don’t get anything…”
“I am coming to you, wait for me. Just think about who could have done that. Who did you argue with, or disturb? You? Oliver? I’ll be there in seconds. “

I was thinking again and again about it, without reaching any results. I could not find any clue about who I disturbed in the past, and Oliver…Oliver was famous for his success against corrupt companies. But talking about security, our relationship was not really public.

Maria reached the office right away.
“Let’s give it a try, one more time. We can search for some evidence. Maybe you can remember what you stored there, something important for you. “

I entered again, ignoring that idiot message and started all over again. On the table, there was a framed picture of us, another one of Adhira. The important documents were all held in the safe. My work notebook was left there, as usual, on my desk. Now, it was on the floor. I lifted it up and started to fumbled through crumpled papers. I was keeping there the invitation that Oliver received for that competition, as we were together when he got it. Maybe it was just somewhere, hidden through the others. My notebook was empty, carrying only my notes and schedules. I was feeling goosebumps thinking about how all the information leads towards him, just like a river is flowing with well-defined target, to unite with the infinite sea.

“I really cannot figure it out. This incident. Everything is here, Sof. “
“I know, the invitation. The invitation that Oliver received for the sailing competition, it was there the entire three-weeks schedule. Last time I spoke with him, he was happy because one company finally exited the market. Something connected to oil, corruption, those wonders. I am worried I can’t find that paper. I want to call him. Tomorrow he will be heading towards Africa, the returning route is starting. He will navigate in the North of Africa. I will call him tomorrow, and tell him all about this. I am sure it’s gonna be fine.”

I left home, bringing the notebook with me. I wanted to go in the morning to the police station to discuss about all my assumptions. While laying down, I was just trying to fall asleep after such a day full of dark shades and turmoil.

“The invitation! What if those thieves were searching for it? What if all they wanted was to track Oliver, that was kind of out of the public news for more than a week? Maybe that company was important enough for someone with sufficient power to find a chance to revenge…Thank, God , that Oliver is on the sea. At least he is far away.”

I was feeling that those thoughts were leading me seductively towards a clearer picture, although being aware that I was getting more and more insecure.

Within every moment of weakness I was deep inside searching for unknown sources of strength that would help me stay strong. I was scared, scared of darkness, scared of losing anyone or anything.

I was scared.

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