Chapter 7. The turmoil (Part two)



Chapter 7. The turmoil (Part two)


[…] I was scared. I knew that I always sat away from the power circles and the hidden games. I had my moral principles deep into my education and I was always following them thoroughly.

“Miss Sal, have you had any problems with anyone recently? You, maybe your relatives? The office has been broken into last night, vandalized. Your employees have confirmed there has been nothing stolen. When you calm down, I would like to ask for your witness statement. In the meanwhile, check the office around for any missing items. “

The policeman was talking to me professionally, with a supportive and decisive voice.
I was looking around: tons of papers thrown on the floor, collection magazines tired away, all the contracts messed up. Though, all things were there. Electronics, laptops. All untouched.

I had spent around four hours talking to the police representatives, analysing the recordings and all the angry employees or suspects. It seemed that three individuals, well covered, entered the office that night, leaving the place without any bags or visibly stolen object. All seemed strange, as no other similar situation had occurred around that time. The conclusion was, therefore, simple. Probably few thieves searching for money broke into the office, and without finding any cash, they quickly left the area.

Stealing the laptops would have caused issues, as they were insured as advised by Oliver, the one that knew that the cyber attacks can destroy everything in a matter of seconds. Certainly the three knew exactly who and what they were dealing with so they took no risk.

I could not understand why and I was waiting to wake up from that nightmare. That time the things were real. So real. Back home, I surprised myself crying, fearing and feeling insecure. Life was not supposed to be all pink, but that message on the door was making me think about it.

“Love, Oliver, how are you? How is Sardinia?” As promised to myself in the morning, I was about to spend some quality time talking to him that time.
“We have arrived. And we are all good. The weather is perfect:calm sea, perfect wind allowing us to sail faster than usual. How are you, my little ones? I miss you. We are half way in the competition. Africa might be a challenge.”
“We are fine as well. I am so glad to hear from you. Have you reached your friends? Family? They are all asking for you. But us, yes…we are good. Tired.” I lied to him. I knew the investigations were in police’s hands and I had no intention to ruin his last sailing days.

We talked a lot that evening. I was listening to him carefully as it was calming me down. He told me that he was feeling what home really meant to him, the sea, the veils. The waves were brining his thoughts more connected, the sails were washing the worries away. He started to laugh when telling me about how, before he left, he managed to close a significant selling position of the shares of a listed oil company. Although he was sorry for the employees, he knew that the oil was bringing corrupt companies on top, and when one of them was exiting the market he felt as a contributor to the economic well-being.
Apparently, all that liquidation was under the loop of the analysts and financial magazines, his name being mentioned along with the group of investors that turned the tables on a strangely profitable companies.

It did not seem funny at all to me looking back at the previous night situation.

“I love you, Oliver, take good care of you. We are waiting for you here!”

I kissed his lips virtually and took him into my arms. I knew he was missing us.

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