Chapter 7. The turmoil(Part one)

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wavesChapter 7. The turmoil(Part one)


The news about the nomination made by that Institute of Journalism in London gave me a feeling of joy and motivation. That night I remember I had wonderful moments feeling so awakened together with Marta and Maria. In the end, both of them joined me to spend a relaxing evening.

I was trying to reach Oliver, but the network was not being available. Although slightly worried, I knew that in middle of the sea only the radio waves can be reached. The old Joaquin was the only one allowing me to sneak into in his secret room where he was quietly keeping a hidden radio, catching all the radio communication waves of the sailing boats leaving Javea harbour. That was his week, the time when he was getting in its caravan, together with his two hunting dogs, starting up a holiday in the North of Spain. The Pyrenees were scarily high with the snowy and gray peaks, giving Joaquin a chance to keep on rejuvenating his spirit.

After countless calls, I managed to catch them. They were fine, getting close to Sardinia, but during the night they preferred go resting. The next day it was expected to reach the Porto Conte Marina harbour, where the first round was coming to an end. Of course, celebrating with a party. The return seemed calmer, sailing around the North of Africa, which was giving them more chances to be closer to the ground. I caressed him and drop off the call missing him, hugging Adhira right away.

Next morning brought me the official invitation to the gala I was invited to. I woke up slightly confused and dizzy, feeling the bad-mood-day coming. It was probably one of those day when you care for nothing, craving for just laying down and complaining. My stomach was mad as well, probably due to the past days news and stress. Slicing a lemon, I was quickly eating it, thinking about his gift. I took a picture of the lemon, catching Adhira while she was watching me with desire how I was biting the sour slices.

“Even the days become more annoying without you. My stomach is arguing with me today!” That was the message from that day. A lemon and a dog’s face. Us.

There was no excuse that could have stopped me from finally spending more time with him in that evening. He announced me they reached the Italian port. It was our moment, to talk, to see each other, to listen to each other.

At the same time, the day seemed to be very busy. On the way to the office, my phone was ringing repeatedly, but all I wanted was to get there as soon as possible so I could take care of each and every issue. I was driving calmly, singing the radio songs, doing a mindful schedule of the tasks of that day.

The office of my magazine was on Calle Churruca street, very close to the sea and the touristic noise. While trying to park the car, I spotted police cars around the area. The windows of my office were completely destroyed, the entrance door vanished away with a message that turned my mind thoughtful:

“The power will be soon coming.”

See you next Thursday with the second part of this chapter of the intriguing  novel, “Waves and Sails”!

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