When I dance


The dance is the love meeting between body and music, starting with a swinging game and liberating the radiant energy. A musical note is enough to fire the motion of our bodies and our minds. What can be more stunning than a body in a free dance, just like it embodies the metamorphoses of the nature?

Dancing fascinated me since ever. It was the first thing I have fallen in love with in such a pure way that it borne no attachment. I allowed it to come and go whenever the life showed me other directions. Because I have respected life and its ways. Though, I have always kept it in my soul, missing it, knowing that I could go back to it anytime, as it is part of me.

The sound of music arouses emotional storms and the smile gets shaped on my lips when the dance comes back into my days and starts playing with my body. Sometimes, it finds me ravished and so dancing brings the sadness from the inside out. And yes, I do feel good when dancing with tears dropped on my cheeks.

The dance, the movement, have become my reference point since I barely knew how to speak and count the rhythm. Like a lighthouse that stands up there, straight back, guiding you, dancing offered me joy, sadness, a harmonious body and love and respect towards it, a self-education that has been so powerful that when I was 9, I can remember how my parents were told that I turned into a big human living in a child’s body.

Could you imagine the days going further with a bit of swinging movement when you wake up or when you turn back home tired? How much gratitude for all the things taken for granted would you feel? For having two legs, two arms, and if not, for having a soul that dances through you listening to the music rhythms? Let yourself seduced by sounds, carried away on the waves of musical note and lyrics that resonates with you, reaching that stair, nor up neither down, where you feel just good. The way you are. The place you are. And with your dreams ahead, you start from a space of being good, anyway. Start from yourself, a ray of life.

Let’s dance for a couple of moments and become aware that our bodies are our home. And that a clean home, with fresh air, beautiful music and the Sun knocking on the window, becomes a warm and welcoming house. And everything becomes possible when we have harmony in our home. When I dance, I travel the word towards myself, I see and re-see the past and learn how to accept it, while being in the beautiful moment of now.

I will dance today for all the dancers that work hard, with all their beings, to enchant our sights. Because they are, among others, the living expression of that it means to stay true to yourself, no matter the circumstances.

And you, my dear reader, have you danced today?

With love,

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