Chapter 6. You are everything(Part One)



Chapter 6. You are everything(Part One)


Everything was burnt. Such a heavy smoke was blocking me from seeing what was happening around me. I could distinguish the old palm tree in front of my house. It seemed a dark, dead silhouette. I was hearing Adhira barking, so I started to run, covering my nose so I could breath better.

“Adhira, sweetheart, mom is here! Come to me!”

I started to feel a warm liquid pouring over my right side of the back There was blood running off which reminded me in a moment of that strong, deafening sound that brought the destruction of the city and of our dreams.
Oliver. I had to find him. He was home, sleeping, when I returned from my yoga classes and the attack took place. The pain in my back was cutting off my breath.

“Adhira, come here.” I could find her, still scared. The house was in ruins. A grey wall of cement with saws of lavender. I climbed up the broken stairs, calling for him loudly. I just wanted to hear his voice, to feel his breath. He was in bed. Safe, with his back towards the door.

“Oliver, baby, Oliver, don’t let me down. Oliver!” With my body and soul tired of pain, I found a way through the mass of burnt things, running over him, to kiss his lips.

He disappeared.
“Oliver, no!”

I woke up screaming after him, with tears running over my cheeks. What a strong dream!

I fell asleep on the sofa, with a book on my chest. It was an exhausting day. That day when I needed him. The first week since the competition started was over.

Everything was going well. We were having our daily talks. They had reached Palma de Mallorca that day and the evening before they ended the tour of the isle, a requirement of the competition. They had to spend that night at the shore, until the sea got calm. Although they did not face an aggressive storm, he decided with Arthur to wait there one more night, for safety reasons. He was happy. Every time I was calling him I was feeling enthusiasm in his voice, that laughter of a healthy man that gets aligned with his passions and desires.

Until then he enjoyed moments of tension that seemed to me stories of old fishermen. We were talking about his boat dinners, about Artur and his hypnotising stories, sharing the fun of cooking their own fresh fish accompanied by a sweet and sour Clarita con limon. We were counting the stars together, feeling close to each other in this distant wave of the sea. I was whiffing in the radio receiver hoping to move the sails and the sea, hoping to bring him back to me. Here, in my arms.

“I had a bad dream. I hope you are fine. I miss you. Speak to you soon. I love you. Sof”

I sent him an evening thought and I grabbed that blanket he covered me with the evening before he left. That time, my night prayer brought me a calm sleep. With a warm longing.

The next day they were heading to Sardinia. A route of approximately two days, followed by the tour of the isle and one night spent in the magic Porto Conte Marina.


See you next Thursday with the second part of this chapter of the intriguing  novel, “Waves and Sails”!

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