“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”
By Rumi

Beautiful reader,

You woke up all of a sudden. You are a big man. Full of dreams , but hopeless. You lay down on your pillow every evening, encouraged that tomorrow is another day, knowing that the morning will touch you with another vision.

Every day you grab your cup of coffee, maybe it’ll wake you up to reality, maybe it will make your office more attractive, that job funnier, those friends more interested in you. And if it does not work, then you run after your wishes with your miffed face. We get angry at life, we end up hating the others and hating ourselves. We crave for going back into the arms of our moms, being again little, to ask and just receive.

Do you remember how you felt when you were in the belly of the one that gave you life? Free, calm, fearless and not craving for security. It was YOU, perfect, embodying that little baby shape.

Why did we grow up physically and lost our courage , the insanity of beautiful things, of living with good and bad like there is no tomorrow?
I was thinking the other day if I could recall where I left my own dreams, where was my attitude and fighting spirit. I might have lost them at one point through the ripped off pockets of the trousers I wore during my existential crisis. But I found them again in the colourful dress of what I call life.

Center the love in your life. Love for yourself, love for all around you. We are an infinite potential. This is my challenge.

And you, beautiful reader, which is the challenge you have chosen for this week?

With love,

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