When you miss someone


Dear beautiful reader,


Today the clouds outside sent me back, under the blanket from my mom, the bear blanket how I use to call it.

I’ve realised that it was nor the rain that knocked me out on a Friday morning, neither the comfort of the coming weekend. It was the feeling of missing them. Missing their laughter, the breakfast cooked by my mom. The everyday lunch with my dad, talking about good and bad, about cars and plans, about dreams. The fights over clothes with her, my soulmate, my sister. Her laughter, that infinite soul in a yet little body, re-seeing the Universe through her big blue eyes, my sister’s daughter. Missing them, the ones with wrinkled hands and stories about boats lost at sea…the ones that went to enjoy the morning coffee on other unknown verandas, yet staying here, in my soul, in what I am now. Missing him, the one I am counting down the hours until I can kiss again.

How do you quench your thirst of missing you, missing him, her, the eyes of your dog, the chocolate muffin at home?

You don’t. You feel it in your entirety, because you know you can love purely. You grab a pen and release that strong emotion…You let it fly freely, until it falls asleep on the other’s heart, warming it up. You let it wander without expectations or demands. Because no kilometer distance can change a pure love, the care for the other one, what is meant to be. Because the natural friends although far away, they are here, with you.

I always remember myself that missing them makes me strong, present. It helps me fight for dreams and let go of fears. And I go on knowing that soon I am going to wake up surrounded by their fuss. That fuss that makes you grateful for what you have. For that feeling of missing them.

And you, beautiful reader, who do you miss today?

With love,

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