Chapter 3. About him. Mine



Chapter 3. About him. Mine


The lavender garden is disguised today in a fresh and soft rain. My life partner, Oliver Prates. The one that cuddles my skin with his kisses every morning.

We met in Crete, three summers ago. It was that first touch of his shoulder that I now kiss with care and love. I had decided to put the order and rationality aside and to cancel the expectations of a portrait that everyone is looking for. Because we all tend to search for someone to lie down next to after a long busy day. With covered eyes, we abandoned ourselves and less than two months later, times of phone conversations in the middle of nights of longing, we settled in the South of old Spain, in the sunny and arid Javea, within the urbanization called Cala Blanca, where we are pampering ourselves with orange tree flowers, lavender and spicy wines.

We took advantage of the delight of our professions, Oliver being a perfectionist finance individual, which has represented for me the robust model of concentration and power of self-control when the laptop screen was showing a sea of red pipes, and he was just breathing, kissing my hand and managing to play the stock markets with a deadly coldness. He was chosen among the top-10 investors of the year. He knew what it means to have a clear mind, brought to stillness.

So to say, I was having the strongest and fiercest critic and supporter, the one that was loving what I was doing and that knew that his fulfillment becomes mine…becomes his. My darling is 30 and he is already searching for the traces of the time passing by, usually asking me to throw his body in a vinyasa whenever needed.

If I needed the motivation of a passionate man, I was looking at him enviously while giving sailing classes for kids, leading through model, not by instructing.

Lately, Oliver was getting ready for his first sailing competition, and, although I had my heart dismantled by the storm of his decision, I could have only been glad for him. Well, and enjoy as well my only chance to unleash my obsession for balance, as I was the chosen one for his daily physical routine.

This is him. The warm smile that touches my soul on sunny days. The calm hand that takes care of my tired arms, on cloudy evenings. He is the man that makes me stop and listen to his breath, just to be sure he is still there. Next to me.


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